Does he really want me to do this? The thought rolling in her mind mixed up with the excitement of a child’s Christmas morning.

Anticipating what will happen next. `Relax and enjoy it` he says.

What do I do she thinks. Do I show him exactly what I love to do! Or be timid and shy asking if each motion is what he wants me to do.

Confusing thoughts and the pounding of her heart makes her moist as she places two fingers on the edge of the hole. Wanting to please him, but deep in places you don’t go her desires are released.

She feels free to be what all women want, but must be locked up in that box on the shelf. He knows he has opened the door for possible demons to escape, but it is wrong to cage up her raw needs like a wild animal.

This, what they have is stronger than all the faiths of all the religions that have ever existed. Klunk! She hears the door close. She looks up at him with excited eyes that still sparkle in the dim light.

No words are said at first as it comes through the dirty hole. She touches it with a reluctant fear. Rubbing the underside with the palms of her hands cupped as if begging for food to be poured in for nourishment. It instantly becomes erect, the motion of this unknown unnamed tool of lust flexes every time she touches it.

Oh my, she thinks. Will I be able to put it all in my mouth? With a giggle she easily and quickly erases that thought. Nervously she keeps looking at him. She needs to know when the time comes, and she completely lets go of all inhibition and devours this cock there will only be praise and no retribution.

He knows that at anytime she will turn all passion toward him. `If he just asks`, she thinks in her mind. At this moment as their eyes meet their thoughts are one! Each other completing the others. She knows that everything from here forward they will be one. No lies, no judgment, only truth, love and understanding.

At that moment the shimmer in her eye changed to a look of determination. `I will make you proud of me` she says with a firm dirty girl laugh.

He knows it will never be the same, but he loves it! Stroking and sucking this large black cock with a furious need to finish him she realizes that in an instant, a heart beats time she has become his slut. It is a freedom she has never felt before.

`I love you` she says quietly so not to misinform the donor cock. She wants him to know that she will never love another. How could she with every emotional, physical and mental part of her being now fulfilled. All of this thought going on in her mind she hardly recognized that the moaning had started a flow of warm cum blasting from this massive black cock. During the excitement of the whole thing she had not been able to fully pull back her mouth.

Cum was still spewing as she unconsciously continued stroking it. Dripping from her lips, cheek and running down to her breasts. She cleans the remainder from the quickly satisfied cock and looked up for praise.

`Good girl!` He says `Thats my baby girl, I new you could do it`. `Ready for another`? Excited she rapidly nods yes, yes. ` Please let me suck you off tonight` she says. He says `I wanted to hear you say that, but you have work to do`, he says winking at her. She turns to see both holes were filled awaiting the pleasure they had heard through the closed door. Reluctance is now a fleeting thought as she moves to the filled holes. `Humm, who is next` she says arrogantly. Seemingly hypnotized by the larger of the two.

She says `I think YOU are the next lucky one`. With only one time she knows of the unmatched skill for pleasuring cock. So large both hands are filled as they spirally stroke his shaft in separate directions.

As she simultaneously sucks his head vigorously. Spitting on it for lubrication the sticky saliva rubbed on the skin of his cock gives the scent of sex. The taste of his cock makes her more intent on hearing his moan.

Again and again she takes it deep in her mouth and throat, each time pulling back as she gasps for air. A moan of her own pleasure is given after each breath. The few minutes pass by slowly, she needs this so badly. He goes. Slowly it drips from the tip of his cock, not like before, but it is still success.

Again receiving accolades from her owner/lover/friend she turns attention to the other hole. This one white, above average but not as big as the black cock. She knows she can take it all. This one reminds her of her lovers, she knows he will be as turned on as before. She starts as before with teasing him, barely touching.

On her knees she is positioned perfectly. Hovering over it, her mouth is filled with all the lubrication needed `Spit`. Saliva drooling down to the hard shaft from her tongue, she begins to stroke.

Just like the first and second it flexes with every stroke toward the base. Caressing his sack in one hand gently squeezing it while sucking and stroking in a rhythm with the other.

` Moan`, he says `I want to hear you enjoy it`. Softly and slowly she does what she is told. Moaning with long vibrating sounds that increases his hardness. As she feels him push more and more through the hole as if to say I need to be in you. She will be able to tell when this one is cumming.

Closer and closer he gets, as her rhythm and stroking speed up. She hears a knock on the wall, a signal to prepare. She knows his back is arched to give her all she wants. A deep groaning sound as he cums.

She backs and lowers her body just enough with her mouth open and tongue stretched out to catch as much as she can while still pumping it with her tightly squeezed fist. Swallowing all she can as it comes, not wanting it to completely fill her mouth in between each blast.

As rhythmic as she was before she is now in disarray. Panting and gasping for breath between each gulp.

`It still cumming!` she thinks as she begins to laugh, cum dripping from her cheek and brow. Chill bumps are all over her body.

Warm moisture dripping from everywhere, she looks at him and smiles. `Thats my girl`. `Its your turn now, I want to taste you`, he says.

All while she was cleaning up thanks and praises came from the patrons of the rooms.

They will be back.