Well this is a twist. Being in the situation that I’m in, it has always crossed my mind that relationships might be a bit tricky. For those who have not been reading my previous posts here is the recap. Basically I have been living with three guys who cover all my expenses in exchange for me being free use for them. It started with just me but at this point both me and my other (f) roommate are both free use sluts for the three guys we live with.

As you can imagine, this whole situation makes having a separate relationship a bitttt awkward if not impossible. This is fine for most of us because we are just enjoying the single college lifestyle but recently for one of the guys that changed. He started dating this girl, and he confessed to us that she doesn’t know anything about our situation. He has been dating her for around two weeks now, and he has basically been cheating on her with us in secret. He knows that this is pretty unfair to her and I guess just recently he came clean to her.

He was telling me about it last night. When he told her he expected the worst. He thought she was going to break up with him. God must be on his side. Because it turns out she is actually INTO it. He told me that she actually thinks the whole thing is super hot, and that they fucked all night while he told her about all the details of how he has fucked me. He ended up fucking me and cumming inside me while filming the entire thing for his new GF. I kinda loved it too. Something about knowing some girl I have never met is getting off to a video of her boyfriend filling my pussy with cum is just so fucking hot to me.

Then today he sprung something on me. She wanted to watch him fuck me IN PERSON. I was honestly so down for it, so I told him to invite her over asap. I and him were the only ones home so as soon as we knew she was on the way here we started hooking up right on the couch in the living room, so she would have a full on view the moment she walked through the unlocked door.

When she walked in he had me bent over and was absolutely railing me from behind. When I heard the door open I looked over at her (she is super pretty), moaned a quick “hello nice to meet you” to her. She looked pretty shocked but also excited at the same time. She sat down on the couch next to where I was getting fucked and watched intently.

When I looked over at her a second time I could see that she had her hands in her pants and she was touching herself while she watched. She started encouraging her bf to fuck me harder and harder, and eventually she was begging him to cum in me. “Please cum in her”, “Fuck her harder”, “I wanna see you cum in her”. She was loving it, and he couldn’t resist anymore, and eventually he came deep inside of me.

When he pulled out it started dripping out of me, and she quickly asked me “Can I touch you?”. I nodded, and she started rubbing my creampied pussy and fingering me with his cum in me. She had one hand on my pussy and her other hand on her own. She kept fingering me until I started to cum, and we had a fucking amazing orgasm together while her boyfriend watched us play while he slowly stroked his semi hard cock.

After that happened we all hung out, and I found out that this girl is actually AWESOME. We have so much in common, and I really hope they stay together because I really wanna be her friend. She told us that she has always wanted to do something like this, and it was hotter than she expected it to be. She wanted to do it again she said, and I told her that we would love to do even more with her. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.