I met my boyfriend when I was 18. Whenever he makes me cum, he always pinches me hard on my left rib. When I asked him why he’s doing it, he said he’s just trying something. It doesn’t really hurt me, so I stopped questioning. He always does this every time he makes me cum, for 3 entire years.

Last week I found out why. We were just cuddling while watching some Netflix then I felt his hand on my side. Then he pinches. Hard.

I have never ever got so wet so fast. I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt so hot and warm, like I was cumming but also not. Then he starts laughing. I realized why.

He pulls my panties down to eat me out, and you know that post-orgasm feeling? the *my pussy is so sensitive one more lick and I will have a seizure* feeling? Yes. He eats me out and less than a minute, I cum. Then we fuck.

I normally wouldn’t mind this but earlier we were grocery shopping, he randomly pinches my side and my pussy suddenly starts throbbing. I got so wet and horny that I made him finger me in the car before we went home.