What It’s Like to Be A Whore

Masturbation can get the job done and make you sexually satisfied, but lacking affection and intimacy from another person. People masturbate to fulfil their sexual needs, but have sex to fulfil their emotional needs.

When I masturbate, I do it after a hard day work and I need a moment for myself, because I can’t get sexual satisfaction from my customers. But, If I do get good sex at work, my dildo remains unused in the drawer. I only masturbate when I’m frustrated, or when my pussy needs some proper attention, a moment for myself. I choose a good fantasy, a dildo, and I finish quickly. When I masturbate, I am quite loud and rough. I love rough sex, and I can’t get an orgasm when it goes too soft. So, it’s just a moment for myself. After that I’m no longer frustrated, and I have peace.

When I was young, my father told me that masturbation was healthy, and he didn’t care about it. My mother did, and she went to him every time she caught me. I didn’t masturbate much as a child, but my mother thought I did. She went so far to smell my underwear. It sounds very old-fashioned, but my mother was quite strict with that.

My mom caught me a couple times as a little girl. I had discovered masturbating under the shower, when I was washing my pussy. I discovered that it was very exciting to spray water on it. So, my mother knew what was going on when I took a long shower. At that time, I was not smart enough to understand that I could also masturbate at night in bed. Now I’m sexually free and I do something unthinkable for my parents every day, still, I get it, but I will never tell.

As a child I didn’t masturbate much, but when I got my first boyfriend, I started doing it more. I still remember how I masturbated whilst fantasizing about him many times before we actually had sex. At work, I always have to be ready for a customer, I need my body to be ready for it. My pussy doesn’t have to be dripping wet and ready, but a bit moist it has to be. That’s why I sometimes masturbate before my next customer.

Of course, customers also masturbate. My feeling then says, bring that cum to me instead of jerking off!!! I think its unfair competition hahaha Of course, that’s not true, but I notice it when customers jerk a lot. They are less good in sex, and have a more fixed pace. They are easier customers, but less fun to fuck because they experience sex less. They are a bit in their own routine, because they teach their cock to deal with sex in a certain way.

Masturbating is great, and it can be quite healthy. If you do it too much, it will affect your sex life. So, you have to be a little careful with it XXX