About 4 years ago I was in a local production of Spring Awakening.

For the uninitiated, It’s a rock musical about teenagers growing up in very sexually repressive 19th century Germany.

It’s essentially Parents Just Don’t Understand: The Musical lol.

Anyway I was playing Wendla the female lead (played by Lea Michelle in the original Broadway cast).

The end of the first act is her losing her virginity to her friend.

Most productions have Wendla be topless and the actor playing Melchior (Jonathan Groff in the original Broadway cast) show his ass (though the nudity is optional) and because I love being naked and I’m an exhibitionist I of course I happily volunteered to show my tits onstage and my costar agreed to show his ass (I also didn’t wear underwear under my skirt and we were both barefoot).

My Melchior was super cute.

We’d been flirting all through the rehearsal process and the night before we opened, we fooled around for the first time.

We made out before he fingered me off while sucking my nipples and then I sucked him off until he came in my mouth.

Opening night, the sex scene came around, I was soaking wet from kissing him and from having my tits out in front of an audience and feeling his toes on my bare feet.

When he pulled his pants down and penetrated me right before blackout it was… very real, like I almost came right there onstage, I was not expecting that, he just lost control and stuck his cock in for real.

Long story short we somehow controlled ourselves during intermission and finished the show, went to the cast party, found an empty bedroom, stripped each other naked in half a second, he gave me some of the best oral I’ve ever had until I came twice, and then we fucked hard and fast until he came inside me.

And for the rest of the run he’d stick it inside me for real every night and no one in the audience ever knew. We ended up dating for about a year and we’re still fuck buddies