Ms. Haley was my kid’s pre-k teacher in the 2018-2019 school year. That’s her last name and of course I know her first name, but I think it’s hotter to call her by her last so let’s do that. We got along well, but I never got any ideas about busting a move or anything. She’s like early 30s.

Light brown curly hair, medium height, glasses. She had pretty intense features as far as nose/mouth etc, but I thought her face was sexy. But she had big tits and a big ass. Kind of at that point where her weight is borderline chubby to some people, but I thought she was yummy.

The next school year in March 2020 we are at the school fundraising event (luckily right before the world stopped) and we came home and my wife is talking about how Ms. Haley kept staring at me. I didn’t notice this at all, and I had done nothing with her at this point. So my wife suspected something I guess, but I hadn’t done anything with her. Yet.

I’m a gym rat but early days of the pandemic and all we can do is walk around trails and stuff, so I start jogging around the track at another school in the area. I knew Ms. Haley lived on the outskirt of that school. One day I’m out there, and she’s outside. I go over and talk to her.

Like 20 minutes talking, mostly about COVID and school and whatever. And it starts to rain. She asks me if I want to come in for a minute, which is of course ridiculous because why don’t I just go to my car, but I definitely say yes.

I walk in the door and I don’t want to wait for a signal or have awkward conversations, so I just go for her. I kiss her against the wall and get close to her, so she can feel me against her body. She looks down at my running shorts and her eyes get kind of big.

So then I do something that I almost never do. She was wearing a black soft cotton housedress and her ass looked big and soft and squishy and I just wanted to eat it. So I did. I kneeled down and pulled up her dress, grabbed those two big ass cheeks hard and buried my face in her ass. Her response was something like, “oh you’re bad.”

We went to her bedroom and she had one of these decorated beds with a ton of pillows. Next part surprised me. She lifts off her dress puts me in a full embrace and kisses me at the edge of the bed. Slowly and sloppily, really trying to taste my tongue.

Basically like, “I know you’re nasty and so am I” kind of thing. She sits down on the bed and pulls down my running shorts and underwear. She gives me a little “oh hi there daddy” and sucks me. This is the point where I’m kind of in ecstasy and looking around the room and taking in what I’m doing. School diplomas, photos of her sister, stuff like that. And listening to the moaning and slurping and seeing my cock in my kid’s teacher’s face. Amazing.

After a pretty great aggressive blowjob I grab her and lay her on her back and put her legs on my shoulders. I put it in, and we watch each other’s expressions as I go in. She’s gasping really quickly, and I give her some long slow strokes. I push her legs back towards her ears, so I can see how deep I can go in her. I got the “oh fuck” like it hurts and decided to change it up.

She had a full length mirror on one side of the room, so I took her to the foot of the bed and had her put her hands on the edge of it, and we did doggy style. From here I can look to my right and watch us fuck from the side in the mirror. She arched her ass up a lot and I start clapping her pretty hard.

Her ass looked so big and juicy in the mirror and I had to chill out not to cum in her. Her fat juicy teacher tits are bouncing like crazy and those decorative pillows are falling off the bed. I’ve dreamt of fucking teachers my whole life and I can’t tell you how good it felt to watch myself slam into this teacher’s delicious fucking ass and listen to her scream.

Obviously it’s time to cum, so I pull out, and she turns around with her knees on the floor and I cum on her tits and neck. Then she sucks the rest off me. I couldn’t resist it, so I gave my kids’ teacher a few nice wet cock slaps on her face. She smiled, she loved that.

I had a few more rounds with her in the months after that, but it didn’t last too long, I think she has a boyfriend now. I see her at school almost every day. I talk to her quite a bit, we’re friends, and she was great with my kid, she’s great. When there’s no one around I’ll throw out a little “how’s that pussy doing?” and she laughs it off. God fucking bless our teachers.