To be clear this was before I was married. In the early stages of going out with my girlfriend, now wife. But both of these girls would end up as bridesmaids in our wedding.

A new job I got had me out of town for a few months for training. My girlfriend’s friends Emma and Lacey lived in the area. I’d hung out with them before. We got along well, they were big partyers like me.

Emma was blonde, some pretty nice tits, kind of average body. Really fun and laid back. But Lacey was super sexy. Blonde and voluptuous, big eyes. But she was kinda quiet, she didn’t seem to really know how hot she was.

We hung out a bunch of times. Went to a baseball game, went to the movies. Then we’d always go out to a bar afterwards and go back to one of our places. Lots of free flowing conversations about sex. They were just a fun hang.

One night we went to a bar and came back to Lacey’s apartment. We got in her indoor apartment pool for a while and went back to her place to hang out. All pretty drunk.

I have nothing else to wear, so I’m hanging out in her place in wet shorts and a towel. They both get into Lacey’s t-shirts and shorts. Of course, we get into sex talks.

Emma is pretty wild and talks about some of the random sex she’s had. Lacey is more conservative and talks about her ex-boyfriend. I ask about her boyfriend’s dick. She says it was okay. I say fuck it and pulled out mine and ask “better than mine?” and put it away quickly. Lacey is like “you must be half hard there’s no way it’s that big.” She was probably right because I’m always bigger than normal when I drink. Emma thought it was pretty funny that I did that. But it was cool that they didn’t mind me doing it at all.

So they start talking about dicks more. They say they wonder what it must feel like to get hard and cum. They’re asking about growers versus show-ers. They seemed legitimately curious, so I pulled off the towel and pulled my shorts totally off and got in front of them on the couch and let them take a look at what a show-er looks like up close.

They got a pretty good look at it. Emma says she thinks it’s definitely nice. Lacey is pretty inquisitive. She’s asking if it gets grows easily on accident or does it always have to take real effort to make it hard. I’m really bold at this point and I say “watch this” and put it closer to Lacey and it starts to grow. Emma is like “whoa that was easy” and Lacey just looks at it. Then she’s like “okay we should probably chill out.” And I sit back on the recliner naked.

So I ask them both “can I see your tits? You saw my naked cock grow that seems like a fair trade right?” Emma pulls hers out and they’re pretty nice. Big nipples. Then she tells Lacey she has to do it too, and they are just big wonderful natural pillowy tits with small nipples. Maybe the nicest pair I’ve seen in person. Yum.

So I tell Lacey I’ve never felt tits that big that were natural, so I ask her if I can feel them. I guess she can tell how much I’m in love with her tits, or she’s just proud of them because surprisingly she was okay with it. I walk over to her and rub and squeeze them, and they watch me get hard again but this time an actual full erection. Emma’s like “holy shit dude that’s crazy.” I go “yeah?” and I reach over for Emma’s hand and put it on my cock. She’s kind of laughing about it, but she’s going with it.

She strokes it slowly. Lacey just watches her do it. They’re close enough on the couch that I can grab both of their tits. I tell them their tits are incredible. Then I stand over Lacey and gently touch the head of my cock to her tit. She seems to like it, so then I put my cock in between her tits and squeeze them together and tit fuck her slowly about 3 times. She looks over and smiles at Emma and Emma’s like “oh my god wow.”

Emma loved this, and so I put my cock in front of her and ask her if she’ll put it in her mouth, and she actually does. Lacey doesn’t join in, she watches. I play with Lacey’s tits and stare at her a little as Emma sucks my cock.

Then I sit down between them and I reach down to rub each of their pussies and we all three kiss. They don’t kiss each other except when we do this kind of 3-person kiss. Tongues out of mouths kind of sloppy wet kissing. Emma strokes my cock as we kiss and this time Lacey joins in. We’re way past the kind of “wouldn’t it be crazy if we did this” mode. It’s just pure fucking lust at this point. Emma is ready and she takes off her shorts and gets on top of me. She rode me for a little bit and Lacey kisses me.

As I’m inside Emma I ask Lacey in her ear if she wants to fuck too and she comes back to my ear quietly and says yeah. I pull out of Emma and put Lacey on her back on the couch and fuck her missionary for a little while. Emma kisses me and rubs herself.

I’m having to move the coffee table out of the way and all this so Lacey asks if we just want to go to her bed. So we go there, and I go the edge of her bed and I lay Emma on her back and stack Lacey bent over on top of her. I fuck Emma first and with Lacey on all fours on top of her with her big tits over Emma’s face oh my god it looks so good.

Then I fuck Lacey doggy style. And I go back and forth like that. Long strokes into each of their pussies, about 60 seconds at a time. I go a little harder each round. At a certain point Emma is really moaning hard, and it seems like she’s going to cum, so I keep fucking her for a couple of minutes like that until she does.

The whole time I thrust into Emma I’m squeezing Lacey’s ass and Emma is holding onto Lacey. The 2 of them stacked on each other, all 3 of us moaning, rocking back and forth hard. This is as hot as fucking ever gets. At least it’s the hottest fucking I’ve ever been involved in.

I go back to fucking Lacey doggy with Emma lying there spent underneath us. I have a thing where it takes me a lot to cum when I drink, so I really fuck Lacey hard, our bodies are clapping loud, the bed is banging the wall, and Lacey is screaming like crazy. I’m saying “fuck yes Lacey why is your pussy so good” Emma is like “oh wow” with this going on top of her.

I finally need to cum, and I pull out, and I shoot a huge load of cum on both of them, some on Lacey’s back and some on Emma’s stomach. Then the 3 of us sleep in Lacey’s bed together. I sleep in the middle, I snuggle on Emma and Lacey snuggles on me.

As incredible as this night was it was just the one time thing. If you’re wondering why we didn’t do something again, well we just never did. Now they’re both married. And like I said, they were both in my wedding. We never talk about it. It’s just a thing we have between us.