My girlfriend, her friend and I had all planned to go to a finals party together last week. It was a big gathering to celebrate going into finals and completing the semester. However, my girlfriend could not come as she got called into work leaving her friend, and I am going together. I wanted to cancel and stay home as it was kind of awkward going without her, but my GF told me to go with her.

The party was great but when we were all a couple drinks in it got a little more interesting. A group of people gathered to play truth or dare combine with spin the bottle. They would spin the bottle and then decide truth or dare on whoever it landed on. The problem is it quickly became sexual. Articles of clothing began to be removed among the group and I removed my shirt awkwardly not wanting to participate. That’s when it became 7 minutes in heaven. The bottle began to be spun selecting couples to go to a closet or pantry or bedroom. They began to scream “fuck fuck fuck” as the couple walked away. I knew I would do nothing with whoever so I continued to play. But then I was selected.

The third bottle round left me and my gfs friend Lexi staring at each other from across the circle. We were both uncomfortable and a little drunk. The peer pressure led us to being shoved in a closet together. They stood outside screaming for us to have sex before they finally left. We stood there locked in a closet together for the foreseeable future as the people outside were off to go have their own fun. I was shirtless and she was down to a bra and Nike pros. She stood there arms crossed looking at me quietly as I sat down.

“This is awkward” I said as I sat down against the wall. She laughed a little and sat down next to me. “I can’t wait to have to explain to Taylor that we played 7 minutes in heaven, but we didn’t do anything” she said huffing as she sat down in front of me. She had just gotten out of a bad relationship and I could tell she was upset she got me. “I’m sorry you got me” I said. She nodded quietly then mumbled “I’d fuck you if it weren’t for Taylor”.

“You’d fuck me” I asked. She laughed “Yes I’m desperately horny right now. I haven’t had sex in a couple of months and that game was ya know” she tapered off getting awkward. “Ahh so you’d only fuck me because you are drunk at a party” I laughed “So rude just call me ugly already” she sat there for a moment and shook her head. “No I liked you before Taylor did she just actually did something about it”

I stared at her dumbfounded in my drunken state “Blunt much” I said, and she laughed a little. “I don’t care if you know” We sat there as the next group was paraded to their room. “Did you like me” she whispered. I nodded unknowingly. I glanced up in embarrassment and she smiled. We sat in awkward silence for a while, and she said “We don’t have to just sit here and do nothing” I looked up, and she continued “We could play with ourselves”. “Lexi” I whispered, and she cut me off “She won’t know, and it’s not even bad. I’m just so horny right now” I didn’t respond. I was drunk and couldn’t comprehend the moment. She finally said “Listen you don’t have to, but I am.” She pulled her shorts down and off leaving her white panties on. She spread her legs and looked at me as she pulled her panties to the side and began to “flick the bean”. I stared in awe as she began to rub her clit.

She stared at my chest and smiled a little as she moaned. My dick began to grow in my pants as I stared. She began to slide her fingers down and into her vagina. She leaned back and closed her eyes as she began to finger herself. I sat up readjusting my pants for my hard cock, and she looked up and smiled. “Just pull it out” she whispered as she continued, and I couldn’t help myself.

I unzipped my pants and pulled them down revealing my rock hard dick. She smiled and blushed as I grabbed it. I began to lightly jerk off. I was embarrassed and ashamed, but I was so horny. She was gorgeous. She was a tall blonde with perky d cup boobs that were held perfectly by her bra. She smiled as I stared at her breasts. “Do you want to see them?” She asked and I nodded in ashamed silence.

She leaned forward from the wall and removed her bra. She blushed as I began to jerk off faster. She sat up only lightly stroking her clit as she watched me jerk off. Her legs spread giving me a better view for a bit as we watched each other. She shook her head and stood up and walked over to me. I sat up pushing myself against the wall as I snapped out of the trance. She kneeled in front of me in between my legs as I spread them for her. She smiled and leaned in. “You can touch them” she nodded as I reached up and began to grope her breast with my right hand as I jerked off. She smiled and watched as she rubbed her clit. Finally, her hand moved from herself and grabbed my cock from below. I let go of my cock as she slid her hand up pushing me out of the way.

She smiled and leaned forward “You just tell me when it feels like cheating, and I’ll stop” “it is cheating” I said, and she said “Well you haven’t told me to stop then” she leaned in and kissed me as she stroked my hard cock. I groped her breasts with both hands as we began to make out in the floor of this closet. The next group began screaming as they went past, and she broke apart laughing lightly. “Do you like them” she said motioning towards her breasts. “Yes” I laughed, and she smiled “A lot better than Taylor’s huh” I laughed a little, and she smiled and kissed me. “My pussy’s better too” I kissed her again pulling her into me. She grunted and fell forwards a little and smiled. She straddled my body and slid forward. I lifted my cock allowing her to slowly drop her body onto mine.

She eased herself onto me groaning with pleasure and looking up as she did. “Oh my gosh” she whispered. Her soaking wet pussy met my pelvis as she fully relaxed and sat down. “Mhmm that feels so good” she said as she leaned forward putting her left hand on my chest. She began to bounce up and down on my cock. It felt amazing. She was so warm and wet. Her gruel dripped down onto my balls as she bounced faster and faster. I slid my hand in between us and played with her clit as she rode.

She groaned in pleasure and began to get tighter and tighter on my dick. She groaned leaning into me as she began to orgasm. Her body squeezed my dick out, and she sat up pushing my hand out of the way to aggressively rub her clit. She leaned into me and moaned “oh yes” as she began to squirt. She squirted on my pelvis and stomach as she rubbed her clit. She groaned in release and sat back down and slowed her pace. I was soaked and so was the carpet. She calmed and looked at me and grinned “oh I haven’t had dick in so long that was so good.” She leaned forward and kissed me ” Especially from my best friends man”. She kissed my chest then slipped my dick into her mouth. She rubbed her own ejaculations into my stomach and pelvis as she sucked my cock. It felt amazing. I was so horny I couldn’t take it.

I tapped her head and she came up and precum rolled down my dick as she stopped just before I came. She smiled and put some on her finger. She licked it off then mounted me. I moved to stop her “I am gonna cum” I said. “So?” she said in annoyance then said “Does Taylor not let you cum inside her?” I shook my head “She’s not on bc” She leaned in and kissed me. “Well I’m not her” she whispered and slid my cock into her pussy. She was soaked, and it wasn’t long before I needed to cum. I grabbed her hips to slow her pace as she kissed me. “Let it happen” she whispered as she kissed my neck.

I instantly climaxed. I grunted and shoved my cock deep inside holding her to stop the extreme pleasure. I exploded inside of her. She moaned lightly as she began to slowly grind as I throbbed shooting cum inside of her. I gasped for air trying to stop her as she continued. It was overwhelming as I continued to throb. Finally, she slowed to a stop as I calmed down. I leaned forward hurrying myself into her breasts as she slowly lifted herself off. She laughed a little as cum came out in globs falling back onto me. She leaned back laying on the floor and rubbed it around her pussy letting me watch. She then leaned forward and licked it off my cock causing me to flinch and throb in pleasure. She swallowed and kissed me. She patted me on my chest and began to get dressed. I laid there exhausted and finally got up to get dressed.

We waited for a while and cleaned up our mess before they came and acted like nothing had happened but something tremendous has happened. We walked back to the dorms, and she kissed me before we went separate ways.